Ordering Information
Please contact the artist for availability, pricing and shipping cost
Penny Johnson
phone: (828) 494-7403
fax: (928) 496-7403
email: PennyJohnson@BrushstrokesByPenny.com
Commissions: Commissions can be done from my photographs or yours. Favorite views, pets, or children are often common choices. 
Payments: Credit cards are gladly accepted using PayPal -- a secure online system.  As an added advantage, PayPal can also process orders from a personal or business checking account. Just click the PayPal Logo at the bottom of any page to order through PayPal.

*** To pay by check or money order directly to Penny Johnson, please contact her at  PennyJohnson@BrushstrokesByPenny.com
or by phone at
(828) 494-7403 for more information.

(Check or Money Order payments must be received and cleared prior to release of work.  When payment is complete you will receive an e-mail confirmation that your art was shipped.)
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